Sunday, March 25, 2012

366 Blog Photo Challenge #63 [Nice Weather]

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #63 [Nice Weather]

On Friday we were blessed with nice weather. Even if it was a little windy, the sun was very bright. The kids were able to play at the park in our community. Our DD2 enjoyed the slides and it did not bother her the wind chill as long as she can play and slide. She was still wrapped up because she just recovered from having fever due to cough and colds. Hope to get more nicer weather without chilly winds soon.

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Mrs.D said...

weeeeeee..padidit! hehehhee....glad she is feeling a lot better now mamiBless...:)

thanks for joining BPC!

Lulu Post said...

weeeee.... that's what my daughter always sees when she is in a slide.

my entry for this bpc:

emzkie said...

hehe cute kaau. maau kay dili mahadlok. diri kay murag summer na. nag 85 mi tong ni agi. naka On na ang AC.

from BPC

Rcel said...

The park is the perfect place when the nice weather gives way jud ba. Si DD2 having a blast kaayo! :)

BPC 83 hop!

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