Thursday, March 29, 2012

366 Blog Photo Challenge #66 [Mini Park]

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #66 [Mini Park]

On Sunday after church I went to our neighbor's house [Filipinos] bringing some clothes to be altered by Mamang. I brought DD1 with me so she can play with the kids too. DD2 was asleep so we left her with Daddy to watch her. On our way back DD1 asked if she can play for a few minutes in the mini park near our house. This mini park is one house away from ours. If we don't have neighbor, this mini park can be considered to be in our yard, that's how close it is :-) Anywho, DD1 had a blast sliding and climbing. There's nobody else playing with her so I was forced to join in the fun. I slide and helped her on the monkey bar. We were thinking of getting them a slide and swing set for our backyard but because of this mini park so close to us, we decided not to. It saved us money in a way :-)

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Mrs.D said... cute! mau kay wala nangurog ang Akesh kay talawan pa kau when she was at this age....:)

korek, save kau...mura rapod ug inyong kaugalingon kay duol raman diay.

thanks for joining BPC!

emzkie said...

oi ka cute sa dalagang gamay. seryus kaau xa hehe

Rcel said...

Hahaha. Naningkamot ang little adventurous o, murag korek! This is Triz's recently wanted activity. She's been itching to head to the park and do wall or rock climbing sa playground, too bad kay gitugnaw mi this week, 40s ra. Sa Sunday na mobalik ug warm and we will definitely go to the park kay mosaka jud daw sya. Lol.

BPC hop!

wifetoalineman02 said...

yay! love the backyard este park :-) kacute sa DD1 maau naman kaau mokat2x bantay Momi Bless basin nagpractice ni ug pamayabas :-) Dropping by for BPC

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