Saturday, March 3, 2012

Be Active Now or Else

I don't think there is a diet pill that has no side effects. I believe even those natural or organic diet pills still have some sort of side effects. Even other drugs that used to treat certain diseases, there is a side effects that goes along it. I am wondering, since I started to make my school program right now online, this makes me sit in front of the computer most of the time. I think I spend half of my time in a day in the computer rather than being active outside. With this, I gained weight. Yeah, you heard it right, I gained 5 more pounds and if I will continue my daily routine not exercising I am pretty sure I will gain some more. Now I am so tempted to try irvingiappress to suppress my appetite, but I think I am not a worst case yet. I believe if I will start to be active now and back on track with exercise few minutes a day I can stop gaining weight. I also need to start doing what I always preach, portion control. Sometimes it is just so hard to control though. I know 5 pounds is a small gain, but those are the stubborn pounds that is so hard to eliminate.

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