Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Emergence of Youth Soccer Players in the USA

Over the past century, there has been a significant growth in participation levels in soccer from youth sides up to growing participation of men and women also. This has seen the emergence of a great deal of youth players making their way into the national league, the MLS. Scouts from England, Spain, France and other European countries have multiplied in America over the past ten years due to the attractiveness of the American youth set-up, producing highly-skilled players. Due to the size and population of the USA in comparison to its professional soccer leagues at the highest level, there is a high level of competition for the top sides, resulting in an excess supply of high-quality players. Therefore, a substantial number of young American footballers have been given aspirations to join leagues elsewhere if scouted by European clubs.

Inspirational figures such as Landon Donovan, Stuart Holden and Clint Dempsey have increased the scope of ambition for young American soccer players. Hopeful, ambitious young players have seen players such as these grow through the American youth system and then excel in the English Premier League. Results such as this do huge favours for participation in soccer in the USA. Seeing players that grew up in their state succeed at the highest level in foreign countries increases the ambitions of these young players and enhances the reputation of the youth system in the USA.

Examples of such players that have been scouted by foreign clubs include the Florida-born Nick May, who has recently been signed by Estudiantes, one of the most successful teams in the history of Argentinean soccer. May has also generated interest from some major clubs in the UK such as Queens Park Rangers. May’s success is testimony to the American youth system which has come a long way from being a new sport in America; which was originally seen to be out of touch with their society and seen as an alternative to football, baseball or basketball. A great deal of the success can be attributed to the growing accessibility of the sport, especially through kit discounts available when using the likes Eurosport coupon codes to save money and open up the game to our countries young people.

The US Soccer National League has been said to be a large part of the reason for the success of this system. It has encourages younger generations to get involved in soccer more easily and now with real targets of success. Before, in the USA before the formation of any real official leagues with strong competition there was less of an incentive to get involved in soccer in America. However, due to the success stories of some, and perhaps the society expanse in interest from just basketball and American football to open up to include soccer as well, American soccer has enjoyed a huge boost in young players participating in the sport. The recent 1-0 victory over Italy in an international friendly was testimony to the success of the youth system in the USA, flourishing into competitive players on an international scale.

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