Saturday, March 3, 2012

Music Lesson

I am thinking of enrolling our oldest daughter for a piano classes. Her Daddy bought her a small pink keyboard and she likes it a lot. She said she want to learn how to play the piano when she grow up. I think it will be best to enroll her when she turns 5 or 6. By that time, she can already focus and listen to the teacher's instruction. One time we went to a second store and saw a baby piano on sale. According to the clerk there, it is still working fine although a piano hinge needs to be replaced. Our daughter was so persistent if we can get it, but I told her she has to enroll first and learn to play and then later on we can decide to get a piano.

Even myself love to learn how to play, but I am only until do-re-mi and do-a-deer on the keyboards. I started piano lesson before with my very good friend as my teacher. She finished a degree in music and teaches piano in our area. I learn the basics but since it was a long time ago, I already forgot. Music is fun and I can't wait for the time our daughters can learn playing one musical instrument in the future.

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