Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is Almost Here

We have a very nice weather right now. It is still winter but our temperature is about 60 F. The kids surely love the outside as it is really best to play outdoor in this nice weather. We are in our friend's place right now for lunch and of course we had our fave dried fish, as always.

I know we still have few days more to spring time, but I wish we will have more sunny days. Right now the kids are riding their bikes outside and they are loving it. According to forecast, we will have rainy days and snow/rain again in the coming days. As expected, this is Washington weather. But I am still glad at least we have a nice day today for the kids to play. They surely will enjoy the coming days of fun outside now that a small park is just around the corner.

This spring DD1 will be busy with some additional activities. We are planning on enrolling her to ballet classes and also thinking of starting her swimming lesson. It is a good sport and activity to develop for physical exercise. My friend here asked me if I will enroll her to soccer, but I am not really sure about it. If she will like it, maybe that is another option to think about as well. For now, I will just let her enjoy her being a child and it is up to her what she wants when she is ready to participate for such activities this spring.

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