Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday Fun Day

Yesterday was a very busy day spent outside. In the morning our DD1 had school. After school a friend of mine asked if we want to join them to go skating and bowling on post. I wasn't really sure but then our DD1 was so eager to go. She haven't tried skating yet so we went. It was fun. I did not try skating because I have to hold my newbie skater and I don't know how too. So to prevent injury, I better just use my shoes and help DD1. The skating rink closes at 3:30pm and seemed like everyone still had the energy, we transferred to the bowling arena. The kids were the one hyper to play. We let them play and we were just busy munching away on the side.

Hubby dropped by at the bowling arena after his work. We convoyed going home, but before we went home he said we can dine out and went to a Thai restaurant. He was on Daniel's fast but yesterday I told him he can at least get something since he was really doing great on this fasting. He got noodles with white meat, and more veggies.

My life's treasure [hubby and kids] while waiting our food. They were playing "thumb wrestling." The little one was so playful and telling her Daddy to play some more.

It's a good thing our little girls love to eat vegetables and they can basically feed themselves, although our DD2 still needs supervision since she sometimes feed herself with big bite of food. We had a great day yesterday and I thank God for it!

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