Friday, April 13, 2012

Blanket for the Kids

I know some Moms whose kids cannot go to sleep without having their favorite blanket. Even my brother when he was young his blanket was his comfort. As a Mom do you encourage and have blankets for your kid wherever they go? Wit our girls, I let them have something to cuddle now that they are a little older. Good thing is that they are not attached to just one object. They have blankets and stuffed toys and they rotate the stuffed toy animals depending on what they feel like playing.

I also observed that they like the toys in season. Like now that it is spring, our youngest love to play their bunny, ducks, lamb stuffed animal toys. She also love to use her yellow, pink, and lavender cotton blankets. Sometimes they will ask to bring it in the car, but they will leave it in the car once we get off. In a way it helps to entertain them and even use as their security blankets too.

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