Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bouncy Fun House

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #79 [Bouncy Fun House]

If you plan about having a kiddie party and you want the kids to really have fun, a bouncy fun house can help on that aspect. During our DD2's birthday party yesterday hubby rented an inflatable bouncy fun house. We did not tell our girls that we rented one because we wanted to surprise them. The event staff delivered set it up at 1pm yesterday and as soon as the girls saw it, they were very excited. They get to test it first and the little one don't even want to come out of it. When the guests arrived and the kids saw it, everybody just run to the backyard and screaming. We may have to do the same on DD1's birthday because she really had fun more than the birthday girl herself. DD2 loves to go inside there but when the big kids are also inside she said she is scared. Poor baby.

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wifetoalineman02 said...

awww! Happy birthday to your DD2 Momi Bless :-) sounds like she had a fun birthday :-) My K loves the bouncy house too :-) Dropping by from BPC.

gagay said...

yay! thanks for sharing this idea Te Bless...will suggest this to my sis and bro.. my niece and nephew's birthdays are coming.. :)

..from BPC :)

emzkie said...

wow that look so much fun! pero mahal mahal pud ng mag rent ana mommy no? diri sa amoa mahal mga nasa 100 yata. 4hrs. dili ko sure. wala lang pud ko nag bother ug tan-aw. hehehe.,.
from BPC

Rcel said...

Ka-nice ana Bless! Pila pud ang renta ana and for how long? I bet it really is fun and the kids would absolutely enjoy it! :)

BPC hop!

Travel Quest said...

Fun Day indeed.. Happy Birthday! BPC hop

Adin B said...

My son really loves this bounce house and he can go bouncing all day and won't get tired. Sure is fun to bounce! :) Visiting you mommy.

Adin B

Mrs.D said...

now that was super fun! belated happy birthday little sweetie! kalingaw kau ba...pila pod renta diha sa inyo mami?

BPC hop!

Chie said...

That sure is fun and amusing for the kids. That's a nice idea of fun for kiddie parties.

Visiting late from BPC,

Pinx said...

Happy Birthday little girl!!! nice na sya ang bouncy castle kung naay daku na yard mommy Bless... mahal man ang rent ana diri oi, pero for sure the kids will have a blast jud!! late bpc hop here!

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