Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DD1 Playing Bowling

PicCollage is an app for iPhone that will let you play your pictures and and make a collage out of it. I am enjoying the app, it is kinda like scrapbooking on your iPad or iPhone. My first picCollage was our DD1's few pics while playing bowling. My friends have the other pictures and these two were the only photos I took during that day.

I think bowling is one of the sports that our DD1 first to like. She said she wanted to go back and play as well as learn to skates too. I am glad she is showing interest in sports. She is a shy-type girl and encouraging her to be outgoing and play different sports can build her confidence and overcome shyness.

Linking this picCollage for 366 Blog Photo Challenge as my entry #72.

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wifetoalineman02 said...

awww! your DD1 is a cutie Momi Bless :-) she looks like she is having a blast bowling, like the outfit too
:-) Dropping by for BPC.

Rcel said...

I've never brought Triz bowling yet, I'm sure she will have fun. Nice na nga app kay convenient ra, don't need to be on the computer! Kaso wala ko iPad or iPhone. Lol.

BPC hop!

Re: OK ra ko Bless, kapoyan ko mag-FB, gisumhan ang show. Tapolan kaayo ko mag-online karon, kay daghan offline stuff gukuri-kuri. Lots of errands, too. And Baby2 is so lihok in my tummy, makaluya kaayo. :D Plus, wala pud opps, so maypa itulog. Lol. Thanks for asking!

Chie said...

wow ka-nice instant scrap booking. looks like she was having a great time

yogi said...

wow.. bowling huh.. nice activity doing with your baby girl... I want to try that soon I know that's fun.. thanks for sharing.. :D

emzkie said...

wow ka nice! i love bowling too! we play it a lot. pero sa wii ha! hehehe

from BPC

Mel said...

awww, so cute daughter! made miss bowling :) sensya na sa late visit mommy bless. from 366 BPC.

KM said...

Yap, sports teaches kids a lot of things - not only it helps kids develop confidence and self-esteem, but also a competitive attitude ;)

Hopping here for BPC ^^

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