Sunday, April 15, 2012

Decorating our Bedroom

Last month we finally purchased a bedroom set after a long time of deciding to replace the old one we have. Now I wanted to put the curtain on that I bought to match our bedding, but my husband did not install the curtain rod yet.

In our bedroom we have a wall facing the window that I love to put a mirror with. I have been looking for mirrors in home decor stores around but I can't find something that I like. I found some full length wall mirrors from and this mirror in picture caught my attention. It has a contemporary look in it with its bowed-in sides. Its rich, dark merlot-colored finish would compliment the color of our furniture as well as the color of the curtain that I bought. This is one of my bets for a mirror. I will still look for some more and see what I can find.

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