Friday, April 20, 2012

Disneyland Vacation

Okay, we are not going but I wish we are. Two of our friends just came back from Disneyland vacation this past spring break. One friend and her family flew there and the other friend drove along with their 3 kids. She said  they were able to buy disneyland tickets for the whole family at a very reasonable price. They got the best deal because they bought it ahead of time. She said if you are going to plan for a Disneyland vacation, you make sure to really compare prices and also check out different websites that offers tickets.

My friend that went there and drove said they were able to really enjoyed it because they drove and made stops along the way. We are here in the west coast so it is easy to drive. I cannot wait for us to visit the place one day. My friend that lives in California told me that since they are so near to the place, they always get the whole year pass so that they can go in there anytime. I wish we are near there too, our little girls would surely love it. 

My husband will have a block leave soon and we may have to utilize those days to drive to California and visit Disneyland. I am so excited of this idea. Ever since I was a kid I dream of visiting Disneyland. It will be short time only until this dream of mine can come true.

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