Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gardening in Progress

Last weekend before I went to work I tried to spruce up our front yard. We had some plants planted there by the builder when they built the house but we kind of become tired looking at just green plants so we replaced some of it. I did all the work that day and also put in some mulch on top of the old ones we had. We also added the stone edger to define the flower bed. I still have some flowers to be planted but did not have the time. I may be able to finish it tomorrow after church. The picture above was taken before and this one below was taken after.

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jheylo said...

was here paying a visit

wow, gardening! nice yard :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

wow! what a beautiful garden you have Momi Bless :-) love it :-) you are one workaholic Mama, aren't you? Returning form BPC

Carmel Cole said...

beautiful garden mommy bless. very neat. ang akoa kay wild tan-awn hehehe hope you could visit my 366 BPC :)

emzkie said...

so pretty mommy Bless!

#118 BPC

Rcel said...

Are those mulch? I always thought those stuff do wonders! Nice ang product sa Mommy ug anak oi! I wish we can tend even just a little garden, too, kay si Triz, kusog kaayo mangguna. Liwat sa giliwatan. LOL.

Late BPC hop ko diri.

Chie said...

that little garden area looks pretty now after the work..

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