Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ipod Touch for Me

I am planning of training for marathon. My problem is time. I am thinking of doing my running time after I dropped off our preschooler. If I do this, I need a jogging stroller for the little one. It's been a long time that I really wanted a jogging stroller and I always put it off. Last week I already disposed the twin stroller that we have. I gave it to a friend who just gave birth and has a toddler. I hope I can find a good deal on jogging stroller soon.

I also want to have an ipod touch so while running I can listen to music. It will not be that boring running by myself. Hubby have an ipod but he always bring it to work. He listens to music there as well. My birthday is coming up and it may be the one I will be asking from him for a birthday present. I bet he will say, just use mine so we will not buy anymore :-) I don't mind as long as I can have something to bring when I go running.

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