Friday, April 13, 2012

Late Egg Hunting

The kids getting ready for the egg hunt.

Yesterday we had a blast at a friend's place because we had the kids another round of egg hunting. I know Easter egg hunting was Sunday but because some of the kids were not able to have one, we decided to have one. We did it in our friend's backyard. The kids and the Mommies enjoyed it too. The weather was nice although a little bit cold, but it did not prevent the kids to have fun.

I think the kids enjoyed it more than going to the park where there was mad dash of egg hunters. Our DD2 was very funny, every time she picked up an egg she will let me know the color before putting it in her basket. We may have to do it again next time, maybe in our backyard.

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #77 [Egg Hunting]

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Taken With Life said...

WOW it seems the kids enjoy them self..oh the last picture is so cutie..Visiting from BPC hope to see you in my entry too..

Chie Wilks said...

How smart naman of your DD2. She can recognize colors now? It's fun looking at them enjoying the egg hunting.

Thanks for linking to BPC

wifetoalineman02 said...

awww! look at their happy and excited faces Momi Bless :-) your DD2 looks so precious :-) Dropping by from BPC.

Rcel said...

That's an easy egg huntg kay no need to hun for the eggs; just pick them up right away! Hahaha. Lingaw kaayo mga kiddos. Maayo ka diha Bless kay daghan kids nga mga Pinoy playmates sa imong duha!

BPC hop!

gagay said...

i haven't enjoyed Easter egg celeb here since the eggs were not for hunt but for sale :(

..from BPC #104.

emzkie said...

wow daghan kaau ug eggs. pick them all up little girl! aw late diay ang akong visit. hehehe.. cute kaau ang mga kidos, excited kaau sila tan awon. =)

frm BPC

Pinx said...

round 2 of easter egg hunting diay ni. ka-cute sa mga bata... i'm sure they really had fun.

Leah H. said...

Better to be late than never.. Nag enjoy man gyapon ang mga kids..

Visiting for 104 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

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