Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mother's Day Flowers

Mother's day is coming up and I am missing my Mom the most. It is going to be about 3 years since we've last seen her. For the span of time that I haven't seen her, so many things have changed. She went through a lot. When we are going to see her it will be very different. Gone is the Mom that I last saw as very active, healthy, and do everything by herself. She had a stroke and now wheelchair-bound. I wish to send her seranataflowers because she is very special. I know she will be very delighted once she received flowers. She loves gardening when she had the ability to do so. We have little farm that her and my Dad tended, and they plant different flowers and fruit bearing trees. 

Speaking for plants, as new homeowner we are now starting to plant flowers in our yard. Yesterday before going to work, I did our front yard. I did a little landscaping although I still have flowers that needs to be potted. We have flower beds at the backyard that needs plants, and I can't decide what to get. I am always researching and reading information on how to take care of plants because I really don't have vast knowledge about it. I wish I am like my mother that whatever she planted, it will really grow very nicely. We always call her the green thumb. I am excited though for whatever will come out of our gardening and landscaping project.

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Mayet said...

She's a strong person,your Mom! hope she gets better.

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