Friday, April 20, 2012

Past Time: Playing Bingo Online

Do you like to play bingo? I remember back in the days that our place will have a fundraiser and bingo is always the first to come to mind of the organizers. When I got here in the US, I and some friends will get together and play bingo. We go to friend's house and play while our kids having their playdate as well. Then I learned about online bingo (sign up now) where you get to play at the comfort of your home. This is very convenient but can get very addicting too. When you have all the luck to your side, it is hard to get up and stop. But I am pretty sure it will be a very nice past time, you only have to play consciously. 

Our method of playing bingo was fun because we have friends around us, but I know a lot of people loves to play online bingo. When I tried it before along with some friends, it was really exciting and fun. But I got busy with our two little girls and online schooling, so I stopped playing. I kind of miss it, but I know if I wanted to play again it is always there, I will just click online and presto. Technology is so advanced now that playing different games, not only bingo is very easy to do. I got hooked on different online games as well. As I have said, there are other things I need to prioritize and make those games a past time.

For now, I will just enjoy reminiscing those days that I and my friends play Bingo at home. I am still planning to buy bingo set though. I think me and the kids can play during weekends with popcorn on the side. We have family movie time, we can also create a family bingo time. We can have board game time and a bingo time even for once a month only. This seemed to be a very good idea, don't you think so?

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