Sunday, April 15, 2012

To Work or Not to Work

Yesterday a friend of mine who works in a private home care setting asked me if I wanted to work part time as a caregiver because her employer is looking for one. I was certified as nursing assistant back in Georgia, but it was back in 2007. She said that it is fine because there is only one patient to watch and I can just do a refresher here and then renew my CPR certification as well. It is very tempting because I kind of miss working already outside home and miss wearing a medical uniform as well.

The schedule will be during weekends and it suits well because hubby can watch the kids. My problem is that, in June hubby will be going out of state for a training. This means I have to look for baby sitter for our 2 girls and if I will accept the offer now, I am still busy since I am in my last month of schooling to graduate with the Medical Transcription program. My husband already said it is up to me. I hope I will get some light and sign of what I need to do. Sometimes it can really torn you which way to go.

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