Sunday, April 15, 2012

Toned Muscle and Flat Tummy

I want to have a toned muscle and flat tummy. Yes, these are just among the wishes that I want physically and literally. It can't be denied that when you age, it is more difficult to lose the flabby tummy and cellulite are showing as you retain more fats in your body. I have those and I want it eliminated. My husband encourages me to run. He will run a marathon in first week of May. I wish I can join him even the half-marathon, but I did not start training yet. My goal is to train and hopefully will be able to run a marathon.

I envied those Mommies that easily burnt out the pregnancy fats. I know some men and even women uses boosters to achieve the toned muscles and loose weight fast. I find out more about testosterone boosters when I researched about how to tone muscles. I think I don't need it. I am not into body building. I just want to tone my muscles to eliminate the cellulite. It is very discouraging when I wear shorts and it shows. Warm weather is approaching and I hope to wear shorts not being uncomfortable. So I hope my going back to running can help me attain this goal.

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