Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting the Bang for Your Buck When Choosing Car Insurance

Having your own vehicle is a must to do your errands faster and easier. I still consider myself a newbie driver, since I have been driving for less than 10 years. In owning a vehicle comes the responsibility of also having an insurance that will cover for whatever may happen, in case of accidents and other same incidents. 

The insurance market right now is very competitive. There are lots of auto insurance providers that offers different premiums and ways of giving discounts to different policies. But when choosing a good insurance, one needs to look at the bigger picture; what is being covered, the insurer's benefits, and most of all the cost of the coverage one must pay. You need to get the bang of your buck with your insurance coverage.

I learned that when choosing an insurance, it is best to get quotes and then compare the different rates from different insurance companies. There are car insurance sites that will give you the ability to customize your searches of the best insurance and gather information that can help you in deciding which insurance is best suited with your family's needs. Like if you have multiple drivers in the family, you can get multi car discount for your car insurance. There is a multi car policy that covers the main driver as well as other driver members of the family. This lowers your monthly premium greatly.

Also, if you have multiple vehicles you can also get discount for getting a multi vehicle plan. We have this type of policy. Both I and my husband is added as another driver in both our vehicles. We also have the option of adding another driver, if in case we have family or friends that visits us and will use either of the vehicles at a fraction of the cost.

The most important thing to remember is getting the right plan and choosing the right insurance provider that can give you the option of lowering your premium but not sacrificing the coverage. It is a legal requirement to have insurance if you have vehicle and you are driving. As I have said it is a must to be aware what options you can get in getting the bang for your buck when choosing car insurance. If you have car insurance now you can still talk to your provider and ask what are the ways to lower your insurance.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tour de Playground for Summer

Our daughter's pre-K school is organizing a tour de playground for this summer. All the preschool families are invited to come a play at different playground each Monday for the whole summer. They handed out flyer and registration forms. There are 10 playgrounds to visit where the kids can play.

I think this will be a good way of still reconnecting with our DD1's preschool friends, teachers, and parents. This will also give them a chance to know the different parks and recreation areas in the community. Kids love to have fun and play all the time, and this will also occupy their summer aside from activities we are trying to register her to. 

Our DD2 love to play at the park too. Even if she is a tiny one, she is not afraid to try different park equipment. She is fearless and love to do things independently. I bet she will love this tour de playground as well.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bikers Honoring Veterans and Currently Serving Military Pesonnel

I heard on the news that around this time of the year until Memorial day, bikers from all over the country join the Run for the Wall that started in California to Washington D.C. to honor the veterans and currently serving military personnel. I believe this is not only for sport but these people are also veterans themselves or have loved ones that are in the military that have the passion and really appreciate what the military and other service members do.

Accordingly, the bikers are riding in different types and shapes of motorcycles not minding the heat of the sun or even the heavy downpour. I am pretty sure after the long drive, they may need some cheap motorcycle tires and even along the way they will be needing it to have a smooth ride all the way. I can also say that I commend their noble act and proud of these people that are very appreciative of what the military personnel are doing. They endure all the hardships just to give honor to the men and women in uniform, past and present. My husband is in the military and I am humbled by these men and women bikers way of honoring the military.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pre-K Quilt

In our DD1 school, they have a quilt that each of the students drew something on each squares. They were told to draw something about their family and what they like to do. Our DD1 drew a figure of people which she explained as Daddy, Mommy, her, and baby sissy playing under the sun. It was very nice and cute. The quilt was drawn and given to the student. The lucky winner was her classmate L. It was drawn during the parents day on Monday. According to their teacher, they will still have a picture of the quilt with them wearing their graduation cap and gown. 

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #99 [Quilt]

Graduation Season

About this time every year is the start of graduation ceremonies for different schools here in the US. Back in my home country Philippines, graduation is usually around March to April time. Last April my niece graduated in elementary. She studied in an International School, and we are very proud because she graduated as valedictorian. She is very smart and nice young lady. She is always on top of her class ever since she was in kindergarten. She told me before that she will really do good on her studies to make us proud. She never let us down and we are very proud of her. 

I have been looking for different ideas on gifts for graduates that I can give to her. I know it had past already but I still have my balikbayan box here that will hold all presents for my family back in the Philippines. She understand though that our gifts will be delayed because we live far away. I am also looking forward to seeing them in the near future. I can't wait to really hug her in person and let her know how proud we are of her accomplishments.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Regency Beauty Schools

Knowing how to put make up on, cut and style hair, nail designing, and other beauty know-how is what I am wishing to accomplish one day. I tried watching different tutorials online but still I cannot do it myself. It's like there is always lacking. I think if you want to really do it, you need more practice and even go to a cosmetology school to do it like the professionals do it.

I know there are beauty schools that one can go to if one desires. If interested, Regency Beauty Schools have programs lined up for those that has the affinity to work in fashion industry. They are the fastest growing beauty schools that was founded some 50 years ago. I would like to go to this type of school where I know I will get the benefit of their training and education. Beauty business is really booming these days and having a very good foundation that you can get from Regency beauty schools is a plus for a rewarding career in the future. Check them out now!

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Birthday

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #97 [Birthday]

I am blessed with another year. I thank God for all the blessings, good health, and my family. I think when you are older you really don't ask for any party whatsoever. Having a good ole simple time with your loved ones is the most important thing in celebrating your special day.

We had a very simple celebration on my birthday. We had breakfast at iHop. No dinner since hubby run for a full marathon the next day. We went to the mall and got something for friend's daughter who celebrated a birthday on Sunday, then went to the downtown park where hubby registered for the marathon. Nothing extravagant happened, but I loved how our day turned out and ended.

Organic Plant Food from Whitney Farms®

This post brought to you by Whitney Farms. All opinions are 100% mine.
Starting this spring season I have been planning of planting some vegetables in our backyard. My husband already bought and set up some vegetable and flower beds, but until now I still haven't started planting yet. My school ended last week and now I already have enough time to do my gardening. I have a talk with some friends and some advised me to try planting some herbs first and few of the vegetables that we normally use in cooking.
Now, I wanted to start and have organic vegetables and herbs so I might as well use organic plant food. I have been researching on organic gardening and honestly there are so many to process. I may have to opt for trying the Whitney Farms® organic plant food. It has 100% natural plant food and organic soil without any additives or artificial ingredients. This is designed to give gardeners big and beautiful veggies and flowers with bountiful harvests as it contains all the necessary macro and micro nutrients for the plants to grow and thrive well compared to conventional plant food.
My cousin in Australia have a nice flower and vegetable garden at the back of their house and I am so envious for they are already enjoying their produce. I can't wait to have mine too like what they have. This picture below is one of the vegetable beds that they have.
I will surely useWhitney Farms®  organic plant food once I started my vegetable garden. I am pretty sure I can also have a garden like my cousin's. If you also have a garden and want to have organic produce, check out Whitney Farms® and use the $3 coupon you get when you fill your information.
109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)
I can't wait to have my own vegetable garden and I cannot wait to cook my own produce.
Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Baby Shower for a Friend

I miss being pregnant. I know our youngest is only 2 years old. We are not planning to have another one anytime soon though, but if ever we will be blessed of another one, we will wholeheartedly accept it. I have some friends that are now pregnant. One friend just found out they will be having a girl. It will be their first and they are very excited. Some of our friends, including me, is already talking about giving her a baby shower. We will surely have it this summer.

Now I am thinking of what could be a nice theme for this baby shower. We already know the gender and I would say pink color is very popular if their expecting a girl. We can either have a luau party or something lively instead of just plain pink theme baby shower. I may have to check out invitations also for this said baby shower party.

I love to help out organizing baby shower parties. With our two pregnancies, my friends were so thoughtful and generous enough to host a baby shower for us. I can't thank them enough for all that they did. It was really fun and everybody had a great time. This time around, I want to help organize a baby shower for my friends who are currently expecting.

Early this month I already visited a party shop many times. I bought some birthday supplies for the birthday party of our older daughter last weekend. While there, I was also browsing for some baby shower party ideas. They have great selection though, but I may have to go online for a customized invitations. I'll see if I will be able to get some great deals. I found a good site to get these invitations, it is at invitation box. com. I saw a very chic invitation over there that I thought would fit for one of the my friend who is pregnant right now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Done with School

I am a happy camper! I already submitted my final test last week and I am just waiting for the result then I will be declared as graduate and will receive my diploma for completing the Medical Transcription Online. 

You may not know but I went through a long process of finishing this program. I enrolled for a one year term for the program but I was able to extend for another 8 months. It took me 20 months to finish it instead. This is one of the setbacks of having to do your own pace study. Although it is very possible to finish it on time, but I have a lot of things going on while doing the program and added to it taking care of two little ones. 

Despite all that happened and taking me this long to finish, I am very glad that at long last I did finish it and is now waiting for the announcement of my graduation and receiving the diploma. I cannot wait also to have a job where I can be just at home and can still take care of the kiddos. I thank God for this blessing and also thanking my husband for his unending support.

Porch Cover

We thought of having a canopy for the backyard when summer comes. We have not finalize the plan of having the cover for the porch to be put up, so a canopy made of tarp will be a good one for the time being. It does really get very hot and we need at least a shade in the backyard while watching the kids play. I saw different tarps like a fire retardant ones in different colors too at tarps at wholesale.

On other thought, maybe an umbrella will also do good in there for now. I will weigh these options though whether a tarp or umbrella will be good and get whatever that is comfortable and within our budget as well. The important thing is to have a cover when we want to relax in the backyard.

Can Sports Sunglasses Be Stylish, Too?

One problem faced by many outdoor sports enthusiasts is finding attractive sunglasses that are both perfect for the activity and perfect for fashion trends at the same time. There's nothing worse than finding attractive designer sunglasses that won't work for sports activities and sports sunglasses that don't meet your expectations when it comes to style and fashion. Fortunately, there is a sweet spot where function meets fashion, and its name is X-loop Sunglasses. These sunglasses easily take you from ship to shore, motorcycle to mountain, jogging, hiking and beyond. Whether you are at the seaside, the desert, or rollerblading in the park, sports sunglasses will help you look good and feel great.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

5-in-1 Fun House

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #92 [Fun House]

On Saturday we had our DD1's birthday party. It was very fun for all the kids that came. We rented again a bounce house, but this time we got the 5-in-1 that included the bouncy, basketball hoop, obstacles, ladder, and slide. It was set-up around 12noon and was picked up almost 7pm. The kids was on it since it was set-up until the pick up person came and deflate it. When hubby told them that they have to come out because the guy arrived, they all said in unison, "owwww." It was so funny to hear. 

Our DD1 was very much happy and excited. She introduced Andy bear to her everybody and she also held him for some time while playing. When she went to school this morning she narrated to her preschool classmates what she and Andy bear did during the weekend and also showed the pictures that we put in Andy bear's adventure book. 

Our DD2 thought she is a big girl too that she was daring all the obstacles, ladder and slide. I just let her be because she said she is okay. I told the big kids not to slide with her when she is on it because she is very tiny and I don't want her to be run over. So far nobody complaint and no injury, thanks God! 

At the end of the day, it is very heartwarming to hear our girls thanking us over and over for giving them an awesome party. I am happy that they enjoyed it. It was a good thing too that the kids all got along and just play and had a great time.

Armor All Protects my Car

This post brought to you by Armor All. All opinions are 100% mine.
My car has been with me since 2006 and even though it seems like it is a long time already in my possession it still drive good and did not give me a hard time at all. I and hubby took really good care of it. My husband knows how to fix cars and everytime he sees something needed to be done, he will do it right away before it gets worse.
Now that we have our own house and we have a drive way, we clean our vehicle and wash it ourselves. We use Armor products in cleaning it. I always have a stash of Armor wipes in my trunk for impromptu cleanings. Adding to Armor's array of vehicle cleaning agents is the Extreme Shield Wax. I heard a lot of good things about it. This Armor All's shiled wax do not only protect the car but also repels dirt and grimes. With the invisible, other elements can be easily washed away when you are cleaning your car.
Among its benefits and good things are the effortless application and no hazing. It can be applied direct with sunlight. It can give brilliant and long-lasting shine with no white residue on plastic. Most of all, it is safe to apply on any automotive finishes.
Are you using Armor All for your vehicle? What do you think about it? If you do, you can check out Armor all on Facebook and like them then enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a Camaro SS signed by Tony Stewart. Check it out now!!!
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Monday, May 7, 2012


366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #89 [Running]

 It's been a while that I am planning to go running. I live a sedentary life for quite sometime and I really felt the extra pounds is slowly piling up. I don't exercise regularly and I love to eat, especially Filipino foods. I have been planning to buy this Nike Free Run shoes. I saw its commercial on television and I kind of like it. Last week we went to an outlet store about 30 minutes away from our place. I went there just to buy this shoes. I found some online but it is still very expensive. Good thing with the outlet store I can get it for a lower price. I got it 30% off of $49.99. At Amazon it's about $80+. I tried it there and it is very light and really good for running. I am not sure though the effect of running everyday. 

Yesterday, our weather was very nice. Hubby run for a full marathon. If I only started training way back I could run the 5K or less. But then I don't have any training at all. I don't want to join and then pass out not even half-way. I just run around our place, and got me out of breath. After I dropped off our DD1 at school this morning, I walked around our place again with our DD2 in stroller. I can see that I will be running more often now since our weather is getting warmer. Hopefully I will not be tired and become unmotivated. I want to join marathon races in the future and also I want to be fit. I am not getting any younger and if I just stay at home and do nothing I will end up having health problems and I want to avoid that. So now I am incorporating running and walking in my daily routine.

Shopping in a Hurry

Have you tried going shopping in a breeze. like literally fast? I did and I still do, especially if I have appointments and I need to get something from the store before going to appointments or picking up our student from school. One time I went to a friend's house because there was a party and the I need to get something from the store to be used on that party. I have two kids and I need to grab and go in the store. I am so thankful for cash register express that they have in some stores that will enable you to be checked out quick. If you have few items then you can go to these express lanes. You can also use the self-service ones but I think it will consume more my time than just go to the express lane if nobody is in line. 

Nowadays with two kids, I don't like staying too much inside a store. The kids will start asking for different things and I don't want them to get cranky if they can have it. Good thing our girls understands if they can't have it they won't insist. But there are moments where the younger one is very persistent and won't stop and ended up crying. So my technique is to shop hurriedly. What I need is already in a list and get it from the shelves and check out. Before they get hyper I am already back in the car and driving home.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Never Ending Cleaning

I would say that household chores is a never ending task. I am not complaining. but I'm just sayin'. A friend of mine asked me how I handle everything at home while tending to our 2 kids, having online class, online income opportunities, and working outside home. Well, it is very hard and you really need to prioritize.

On another note, cleaning the house is one that I cannot really put off. I would say that I clean more everyday than doing my school stuff. I guess because at times I am already tired of school work and
I cannot stand messy house. Every morning we have routine before our preschooler goes to school. As soon as we got out of bed I always do the beds before going downstairs. While doing so this morning, it came to my mind that changing our daughter's bed to a single or twin bed size will be helpful so she can make her bed on her own. She has a full/queen size bed and though she helps making the bed, she is having a hard time pulling all the linens neat and tidy. I was checking a clean bedroom site and saw mattresses that I like in mattress stores los angeles in the same site. It sure would of lessen my time making beds in the morning when DD1 will be trained to do hers by herself.

I know she is still 5 years old but with proper guidance, she can really do some serious cleaning. In fact their toy room is already in her hands. I told her if they mess it, they clean it. So far it is working, So next training will be making their own beds. A smaller one will be a good way to start and in the long run will lessen my time to do cleaning their bedroom every single day.
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