Monday, May 14, 2012

5-in-1 Fun House

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #92 [Fun House]

On Saturday we had our DD1's birthday party. It was very fun for all the kids that came. We rented again a bounce house, but this time we got the 5-in-1 that included the bouncy, basketball hoop, obstacles, ladder, and slide. It was set-up around 12noon and was picked up almost 7pm. The kids was on it since it was set-up until the pick up person came and deflate it. When hubby told them that they have to come out because the guy arrived, they all said in unison, "owwww." It was so funny to hear. 

Our DD1 was very much happy and excited. She introduced Andy bear to her everybody and she also held him for some time while playing. When she went to school this morning she narrated to her preschool classmates what she and Andy bear did during the weekend and also showed the pictures that we put in Andy bear's adventure book. 

Our DD2 thought she is a big girl too that she was daring all the obstacles, ladder and slide. I just let her be because she said she is okay. I told the big kids not to slide with her when she is on it because she is very tiny and I don't want her to be run over. So far nobody complaint and no injury, thanks God! 

At the end of the day, it is very heartwarming to hear our girls thanking us over and over for giving them an awesome party. I am happy that they enjoyed it. It was a good thing too that the kids all got along and just play and had a great time.

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Leah H. said...

That's what matter the fun that all the kids had at the birthday party.. Good to know that no one got injured:)

Visiting for 135 challenge..

Dave Pascht said...

Nice post!

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