Saturday, May 19, 2012

Baby Shower for a Friend

I miss being pregnant. I know our youngest is only 2 years old. We are not planning to have another one anytime soon though, but if ever we will be blessed of another one, we will wholeheartedly accept it. I have some friends that are now pregnant. One friend just found out they will be having a girl. It will be their first and they are very excited. Some of our friends, including me, is already talking about giving her a baby shower. We will surely have it this summer.

Now I am thinking of what could be a nice theme for this baby shower. We already know the gender and I would say pink color is very popular if their expecting a girl. We can either have a luau party or something lively instead of just plain pink theme baby shower. I may have to check out invitations also for this said baby shower party.

I love to help out organizing baby shower parties. With our two pregnancies, my friends were so thoughtful and generous enough to host a baby shower for us. I can't thank them enough for all that they did. It was really fun and everybody had a great time. This time around, I want to help organize a baby shower for my friends who are currently expecting.

Early this month I already visited a party shop many times. I bought some birthday supplies for the birthday party of our older daughter last weekend. While there, I was also browsing for some baby shower party ideas. They have great selection though, but I may have to go online for a customized invitations. I'll see if I will be able to get some great deals. I found a good site to get these invitations, it is at invitation box. com. I saw a very chic invitation over there that I thought would fit for one of the my friend who is pregnant right now.

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