Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Done with School

I am a happy camper! I already submitted my final test last week and I am just waiting for the result then I will be declared as graduate and will receive my diploma for completing the Medical Transcription Online. 

You may not know but I went through a long process of finishing this program. I enrolled for a one year term for the program but I was able to extend for another 8 months. It took me 20 months to finish it instead. This is one of the setbacks of having to do your own pace study. Although it is very possible to finish it on time, but I have a lot of things going on while doing the program and added to it taking care of two little ones. 

Despite all that happened and taking me this long to finish, I am very glad that at long last I did finish it and is now waiting for the announcement of my graduation and receiving the diploma. I cannot wait also to have a job where I can be just at home and can still take care of the kiddos. I thank God for this blessing and also thanking my husband for his unending support.

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