Sunday, May 6, 2012

Never Ending Cleaning

I would say that household chores is a never ending task. I am not complaining. but I'm just sayin'. A friend of mine asked me how I handle everything at home while tending to our 2 kids, having online class, online income opportunities, and working outside home. Well, it is very hard and you really need to prioritize.

On another note, cleaning the house is one that I cannot really put off. I would say that I clean more everyday than doing my school stuff. I guess because at times I am already tired of school work and
I cannot stand messy house. Every morning we have routine before our preschooler goes to school. As soon as we got out of bed I always do the beds before going downstairs. While doing so this morning, it came to my mind that changing our daughter's bed to a single or twin bed size will be helpful so she can make her bed on her own. She has a full/queen size bed and though she helps making the bed, she is having a hard time pulling all the linens neat and tidy. I was checking a clean bedroom site and saw mattresses that I like in mattress stores los angeles in the same site. It sure would of lessen my time making beds in the morning when DD1 will be trained to do hers by herself.

I know she is still 5 years old but with proper guidance, she can really do some serious cleaning. In fact their toy room is already in her hands. I told her if they mess it, they clean it. So far it is working, So next training will be making their own beds. A smaller one will be a good way to start and in the long run will lessen my time to do cleaning their bedroom every single day.

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Marms said...

I hear you. Ganyan talaga kapag may anak ano?


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