Monday, May 21, 2012

Organic Plant Food from Whitney Farms®

This post brought to you by Whitney Farms. All opinions are 100% mine.
Starting this spring season I have been planning of planting some vegetables in our backyard. My husband already bought and set up some vegetable and flower beds, but until now I still haven't started planting yet. My school ended last week and now I already have enough time to do my gardening. I have a talk with some friends and some advised me to try planting some herbs first and few of the vegetables that we normally use in cooking.
Now, I wanted to start and have organic vegetables and herbs so I might as well use organic plant food. I have been researching on organic gardening and honestly there are so many to process. I may have to opt for trying the Whitney Farms® organic plant food. It has 100% natural plant food and organic soil without any additives or artificial ingredients. This is designed to give gardeners big and beautiful veggies and flowers with bountiful harvests as it contains all the necessary macro and micro nutrients for the plants to grow and thrive well compared to conventional plant food.
My cousin in Australia have a nice flower and vegetable garden at the back of their house and I am so envious for they are already enjoying their produce. I can't wait to have mine too like what they have. This picture below is one of the vegetable beds that they have.
I will surely useWhitney Farms®  organic plant food once I started my vegetable garden. I am pretty sure I can also have a garden like my cousin's. If you also have a garden and want to have organic produce, check out Whitney Farms® and use the $3 coupon you get when you fill your information.
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I can't wait to have my own vegetable garden and I cannot wait to cook my own produce.
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