Friday, May 25, 2012

Pre-K Quilt

In our DD1 school, they have a quilt that each of the students drew something on each squares. They were told to draw something about their family and what they like to do. Our DD1 drew a figure of people which she explained as Daddy, Mommy, her, and baby sissy playing under the sun. It was very nice and cute. The quilt was drawn and given to the student. The lucky winner was her classmate L. It was drawn during the parents day on Monday. According to their teacher, they will still have a picture of the quilt with them wearing their graduation cap and gown. 

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #99 [Quilt]

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Jessica Cassidy said...

awww! DD1 is such a cutie :-) I love her outfit too Momi Bless :-) that is one beautiful school project :-) Dropping by from BPC

Rcel said...

Very nice! Pretty kaayo si Ate Shiloh! Dalaga na a jud! :)

BPC hop!

emzkie said...

this is so cute mommy Bless! very nice family drawing. ur DD1 is so proud of her work. good job little girl! love the quilt

Pinx said...

awsss..very sweet and lovely. ang akong 5 year old boy oi kay di man modrawing og family oi.. puro man mga buildings and stars and planets ang i-draw... hehehe.. love DD1's outfit. hopping late for bpc.

Merydith said...

Aww... good job Shiloh. It is so beautiful mama. I am here for the BPC.

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