Monday, May 7, 2012


366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #89 [Running]

 It's been a while that I am planning to go running. I live a sedentary life for quite sometime and I really felt the extra pounds is slowly piling up. I don't exercise regularly and I love to eat, especially Filipino foods. I have been planning to buy this Nike Free Run shoes. I saw its commercial on television and I kind of like it. Last week we went to an outlet store about 30 minutes away from our place. I went there just to buy this shoes. I found some online but it is still very expensive. Good thing with the outlet store I can get it for a lower price. I got it 30% off of $49.99. At Amazon it's about $80+. I tried it there and it is very light and really good for running. I am not sure though the effect of running everyday. 

Yesterday, our weather was very nice. Hubby run for a full marathon. If I only started training way back I could run the 5K or less. But then I don't have any training at all. I don't want to join and then pass out not even half-way. I just run around our place, and got me out of breath. After I dropped off our DD1 at school this morning, I walked around our place again with our DD2 in stroller. I can see that I will be running more often now since our weather is getting warmer. Hopefully I will not be tired and become unmotivated. I want to join marathon races in the future and also I want to be fit. I am not getting any younger and if I just stay at home and do nothing I will end up having health problems and I want to avoid that. So now I am incorporating running and walking in my daily routine.

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Jessica Cassidy said...

beautiful running shoes Momi Bless, great deal too :-) I wish you luck and hope you shred some pounds :-) Outlet mall is very far from us. I really wanted to drive their but afraid to do so :-( Returning from BPC.

emzkie said...

wow i love your new shoes mommy Bless! super like it! love the color! woot! kayang kaya kaau everyday mag jogging with those shoes. hehe.. good luck mommy! and thanks for joining BPC!

Carmel Cole said...

I'd like to get one those sneakers one of these days too. nice shoes! 366 bpc hopping here.

jheylo said...

wow pretty shoe. that must be comfortable. love that bright color too. mg stand out gyud sa crowd hehehhe

was here anyway paying a visit :)

sw0605 said...

Good for you! and you are right! I need to do some exercises too its been a while I did some physical activities, nice shoes you got! thanks for stopping by Tales from my so called Life !

Deli said...

Love the shoes :) I do some walking but I think I need to do some more :) Thanks for the visit.

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