Monday, May 7, 2012

Shopping in a Hurry

Have you tried going shopping in a breeze. like literally fast? I did and I still do, especially if I have appointments and I need to get something from the store before going to appointments or picking up our student from school. One time I went to a friend's house because there was a party and the I need to get something from the store to be used on that party. I have two kids and I need to grab and go in the store. I am so thankful for cash register express that they have in some stores that will enable you to be checked out quick. If you have few items then you can go to these express lanes. You can also use the self-service ones but I think it will consume more my time than just go to the express lane if nobody is in line. 

Nowadays with two kids, I don't like staying too much inside a store. The kids will start asking for different things and I don't want them to get cranky if they can have it. Good thing our girls understands if they can't have it they won't insist. But there are moments where the younger one is very persistent and won't stop and ended up crying. So my technique is to shop hurriedly. What I need is already in a list and get it from the shelves and check out. Before they get hyper I am already back in the car and driving home.

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