Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tour de Playground for Summer

Our daughter's pre-K school is organizing a tour de playground for this summer. All the preschool families are invited to come a play at different playground each Monday for the whole summer. They handed out flyer and registration forms. There are 10 playgrounds to visit where the kids can play.

I think this will be a good way of still reconnecting with our DD1's preschool friends, teachers, and parents. This will also give them a chance to know the different parks and recreation areas in the community. Kids love to have fun and play all the time, and this will also occupy their summer aside from activities we are trying to register her to. 

Our DD2 love to play at the park too. Even if she is a tiny one, she is not afraid to try different park equipment. She is fearless and love to do things independently. I bet she will love this tour de playground as well.

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Rcel said...

The playground is always a perfect place for kiddos! Enjoy kaayo ang cutipie sa slide ay! :D

BPC hop!

Jessica Cassidy said...

awww! DD2 is such a cutie Momi Bless, be careful baby :-) glad that you are enjoying DD1's school activities :-) Dropping by from BPC

jheylo said...

i can tell that you are a one busy mommy now :D ni samot ka busy no after naa studyante? hehehhee enjoy man pod samot na ug naay mga activities sa school mura pod ta himong studyante.

emzkie said...

oi ka cute! hehe. wow fearless diay ning imong gamatoy mommy Bless ha. nice dyud na na activity for pre schoolers. =)

Merydith said...

That is a good idea mama. If only, the parents like the pre-school teacher. She is something else and we couldn't wait for it to be over. Cutie kaayo si DD2. BPC hop!

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