Sunday, June 10, 2012

First Time to Mow the Lawn

Ever since we moved in our house hubby does the mowing of our lawn. I do the weeding, planting flowers and other beautification. Since he can't do it because he is on training and very busy, I decided to mow our lawn this weekend. 

Yesterday morning or doorbell rung. When I opened it, it was our neighbor's daughter asking me if I want our front lawn mowed. She said her Mom is mowing their lawn and asked if I need help with our yard. I got a little embarrassed, and so I went out and talk to her Mom. She said that is what they do sometimes too, helping the neighborhood. I asked her if it is okay and she said it's really fine. 

So she mowed our front yard as well as the other neighbor's front yard. I just did the siding since her mower can't really cut the edges. It is really good to know your neighbors are that thoughtful and kind. I remember the last time my husband mowed our front yard he also included the side that we shared. 

Since the mowing was started, I decided to do our backyard. It was my first time mowing the backyard and I am proud that I did it even though my arms are hurting afterwards. Until now I still feel the muscles in my arms kinda tight and painful. I may have to mow again after a week coz our grass really grows quick. Hubby put the Miracle Gro fertilizer all around so I think that is why it is  thick and growing fast. It was a good exercise I should say and happy that I was able to do it by myself without hubby's help.

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