Thursday, June 28, 2012

Going to the Gym

I am not a vain person, but I can sense that my body is not healthy already. I have been sedentary and tried walking and jogging on a daily basis. Because of weather here in the northwest, I ended up inside the house most of the day when I don't have errands to do. Sitting in front of the computer while having my online study made me gain more weight in the past months.

The other week, some of my friends here that goes to the gym invited me to join with them. Honestly, it is a shame that we have a free resources for fitness at the base but I am lazy in going there. Anyways, I really forced myself to visit the gym at least three times a week. I wanted to exercise and become healthy. I am not getting any younger and heart disease runs in the family. I am hoping I can really keep up and be motivated to exercise more.

The above picture was taken by my friend while we are on cardio kickboxing session. We also go there for zumba and yoga as well as the abs, lower body toning exercises. Good thing about the gym on post is they also have free day care. You must have to go there early too since the service is a first come first serve basis.

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emzkie said...

wow that is so cool mommy BLess! unta makakita pud ko ug ing ana na free hehe.. u should make used of it, its good for your body and heart. =)

from BPC 178! here is mine..

Mel Cole said...

oh that's cool! maka-exercise ka then naa pa gyuy mobantay ug bata for free. sigeha na mommy, gogogo! :) 366 bpc visit here.

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