Friday, June 22, 2012

Last Day of Preschool

Tuesday was our DD1's last day of preschool. Their last day was held at the park for a picnic. That day was a bit gloomy and nippy, but the good thing was it did not rain. The sun peeked at some point though. Our soon to be kindergartner was so happy to be at the park. I told her that it will be the last time she will see most of her classmates since they don't go to the same school for kindergarten. I think at first she thought all of them will be classmates again since she have some classmates that will go to the same school she will go for kindergarten.

I am glad that the director of her school asked all the parents if we all can share information like email and phone numbers just in case some of us wants our kids to have playdates or meet up for the kids to still keep in touch. This July, her school will have a summer school for 2 weeks and I am planning to enroll our DD1. They have different activities for that 2-week period from morning to noon, so I know DD1 will still be able to see some of her classmates that will enroll as well. She is very excited to be in school every day. I hope her enthusiasm will not fade until she finished college.

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Jessica Cassidy said...

yay! park...our kids fave place to play and explore :-) hope that your DD1 will have fun in the summer and will spend time with her classmates :-) Returning from BPC

Mel Cole said...

That is nice that you are keeping in touch with other kids mommy. I really wish I know how to drive na. Must study na gyud. visiting from 366 bpc.

Mel Cole said...

ops, i'm afraid I submitted the wrong link of my bpc mommy. you can either delete the first one or this. that is nice that you keep in touch with other kids this summer so your kids have playmates. visiting via 366 bpc.

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