Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Workspace

Until now we haven't done any painting in any of the rooms in our house. We are coming to our one year of moving here, and there are still lots of plans that haven't pushed through. My husband often said, we have another 29 years here, since we had the 30-year mortgage, we have plenty of time to do what we want to do, which I agree. We also need to slow down. I know moving can cost a lot and not to mention furnishing your space too.

Anyways, this is our old office table hutch from our old apartment that we brought when we moved. It's still in good condition and have enough shelves for my books and the desktop. I did some cleaning and organizing the other day since I am already done with school. On the left, not in the picture, is the matching bookcase where we put the all-in-one printer. I still have to rearrange and organize the knick-knacks we have on there.

I need to make this home office more organize so I will be motivated once I can start working as an MT. I am now in the process of finishing my resume and hopefully send it to possible employers as soon as possible. I am hoping also to have a successful career as a Medical Transcriptionist, working at home and still be with my little kids.

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jheylo said...

how neat. i love your work desk :D

hinay2x basta kanunay hehhehe. mahuman ranang paintings nya.

revisiting here...

emzkie said...

very pretty hutch! love it mommy Bless! gusto pud nako ing ani pero naay glass doors ug lock para dili mahilabtan sa akong mga bugoys. =)

visiting from BPC!

Bless said...

@Jheylo - Korek jud Mommy Jheylo..the painting can wait jud :-)
Thanks for visiting.

@Emzkie - Salamat Emz. Off-limits ang duha namo ka little girl jud dri sa akong workspace :-) Naanad na sab dili sila magsulod sa among home office if wala ko :-)

Carmel Cole said...

wow, ready na ready na ka kaayo mommy :) God bless you in your new job soon.

Jessica Cassidy said...

I love your work perfect place to sit down and work :-) Returning from BPC.

Deli said...

Nice work space :) Thanks for the visit. Have a great day!

Rcel said...

I want a desk like this, Bless. Kaso lang gamay kaayo amogn apartment and we don't have any plan of moving out soon. Antus lang ko sa kagamay basta makaginhawa ra japon. LOL. And true, you have a lot of years pa to do what you want to do in your very own home. :)

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