Thursday, June 28, 2012

Proper Knife and Cutlery Storage

Knives represent a big investment for a professional chef or the average home cook; they are something you use every day and they need to be as sharp as possible but also handy to grab even when your hands are slippery or wet. That’s why proper knife storage is essential and there are many methods ranging from cutlery trays to knife protectors and all points in between.

Perhaps the most popular knife storage method is the knife block which typically rests on a kitchen countertop. Most knife blocks are set on an angle and feature slots designed to accommodate knifes of assorted shapes and sizes. If you own a chef or cook’s knife set it may have even included a knife block but most people find that over time they end up with knives that don’t fit in the block and they need an alternative storage solution.

The Kapoosh® knife storage system resembles s standard knife block but instead of featuring slots it is constructed with plastic rods which recall blades of grass; knifes or random shapes and sizes can be stored in any desired configuration with a Kapoosh knife block and the plastic insert is dishwasher safe. This is a great option if you have acquired an eclectic collection of knives over the years and need one place to house them all.

Another popular knife storage option is a wall-mounted magnetic knife rack. The disadvantage to this method is that you need handy and accessible wall space that can’t be reached by small children since the sharp knife blades will be exposed. Another storage method is to simply install a magnetic or fitted cutlery tray in a drawer.

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Anonymous said...

those are neat organizer for knives and scissors, i need one!!

Momgen Reviews said...

I like that organizer just like ours...But we will need one more...

rj's mama said...

I only have 1 knife in my kitchen. Planning to enroll in cooking class so I guess by then I'll have a set of what's in the picture :)

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