Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Our weekend was interesting. Fridays is when our trash will be picked up. When I took the trash can from the curbside, I saw the rubber wheel came off. I tried putting it back, but it was so hard. I called our very good friend neighbor to help me out, but since it was already evening, I asked if they can come over in the morning instead. So we helped out in putting it back on Saturday morning. The engine oil that we put around the rubber helped a lot.

Then, this morning I backed up the truck from the garage because we are going to church. I miscalculated the side and the left side mirror struck the side of the garage wall tracks. The glass was not broken but it came off. The only thing that holds it are the two hooks. It can't be adjusted anymore. I have to wait for my husband if he wants me to wait for him to be fixed or I have to bring it to the shop. 

Now I am driving with one side mirror taped to make it usable. I was very disappointed at myself, but our DD1 told me I it's okay because it was accident and I didn't mean it. I am glad that it happened in our house and not outside while I was driving. Despite what happened, we were still able to go to church and attended the service. If it was a way to stop us from going to church, then it did not hinder us. I was very glad we attended the service because the gospel was really great and we were able to celebrate Father's day even though our daddy is not around.

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