Friday, July 6, 2012

Conditioner for my Hair

I am really frustrated with my hair because I have been trying different shampoo and conditioner and nothing really works with my dry hair and scalp. Conditioner is what I use after every shampoo, and I think most of us does that too. The thing is, even with leave on conditioner I can't seem to get that softness and shine that I am looking for. 

Another problem I have right now is over dry scalp. Like, really, it is very embarrassing to have white flakes on my hair even after I just finish washing my hair. I used different dandruff shampoos but still to no avail. Somebody told me to try organic conditioner or treatment shampoo. I tried some but still the problem persist. Maybe I have to try this natural seaweed shampoo and conditioner maybe this will work in my type of scalp and hair.

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