Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Hate to See You Go

Yes, I hate to see my first car go, but it is time to let go of it as fixing what was wrong will be costly. Back in May my car broke down while we were 46 miles away from our home. Hubby did not fix it yet because he went away for a month-long training. When he got back end of June, he started fixing it. He replaced some parts like the spark plugs and exhaust manifold, and also drain the transmission oil and replaced it as well. 

Yesterday everything was put together and test drive it. The vibration sound is still present and there is smoke coming out from the engine. Hubby said the oil is burning and he just replaced everything so it will take time then the smoke goes away. Early this morning he tried running it but a white smoke comes out from the exhaust. He suspected it might be one of the pistons. He tested the compression and one on the far right do not register pressure reading. The other three registered of up to 180 in 3 revolutions. 

Now that he knew the culprit, he said he don't want to fix it because it will cost him more. He has to take out the entire engine and get all the needed tools. He don't like bringing it to the shop because it will cost us an arm and a leg for labor alone. What more adding the parts to buy. He did it before with his old vehicle and he knows what it takes if he starts to do it. Now our option is to trade it and get another vehicle. I wish the car waited until next year to break down, but I the situation is here already, we need to deal with it. I dread the vehicle payment. That car is already paid off two years ago and now once we get another we will start monthly vehicle payment again. It is sad to note but it is our reality right now.

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