Saturday, July 7, 2012

Muscle Pains

I said here before that I started going to the gym to work out. When I first did exercise, it was yoga, I did not feel pain much at all. Yesterday  I went with my husband to their family physical training and did the obstacle run, now my arms and legs are sore. I thought I will need a knee walker to just roll about and not use my lower leg at all for the time being. I am thinking I pulled some muscles. Not only that I feel the pain in my lower extremities, but I can feel more pain as well in my arms and shoulders.

I did not do any exercise today. We just went for a short walk around our neighborhood then brought the kids to the park. I tried climbing on the short rock/wall climbing thing. My arms are still sore but I think I need to do another upper and lower body exercise tomorrow at least I can work out my muscles again and it will be better. I forgot to take medicine for muscle pain and I run out of it. Hoping to buy ibuprofen tomorrow or alleve so I can take it and lessen my muscle pains.

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