Thursday, July 12, 2012

Riding a Bus Around Town

I and a friend decided to go a bus ride last Friday. I haven't tried riding a bus here in our place ever since we moved from the east coast. Back in Georgia I rode a bus when I went to my CNA class early in the morning from my husband's workplace. Honestly, if the buses here have a schedule ever so often I most definitely will ride a bus from time to time. The only thing I don't like is the bus stop near our place. It is on the other side of the road. The highway is very busy with 50mph and no pedestrian lane. The pedestrian lane is about 300 ft at the round about.

Anyways, the bus ride was fun, very easy too. The bus fare is $2, which is an all-day pass. You just have to keep it for later usage. I think it is really worth it. If one is working and there is a bus line in the area that also matches the schedule at work, I'd prefer to ride a bus than drive considering the high price of gas. I asked my friend to snap a picture of me while we were waiting for a bus home.

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Jheylo said...

corek gyud mami bless, lahi ang public transportation dri kay by route and nka schedule gyud so if you don't want to be late sa imong destination need gyud on time sa bus stop. :D ako kadaghan npod ko naga bus especially kung mg sundo skong mga studyante, pati trolleys ug mg pasyal nahan man akong mga bata mg sakay gud malingaw sila. free lng pod mi kay dependent man mi ni bana :) nga work man si bana gud sa buses as mechanic.

lingaw pod baya mg bus :D anway thanks for joining 366 PBC

emzkie said...

that is cool mommy Bless! safe dira sa inyoha mag bus? diri sa amoa walay bus naga labay. wala pa pud ko ka try ug sakay pud. barato lang no, compare sa mag drive ka. =)

stopping by from #190 BPC

Pinx said...

that is cool mommy Bless! nah, kami diri, we always ride the bus when we go to the city. except kung si hubby modrive. yep, mahal jud ang gasoline so might as well take the bus. super late bpc hop.

Rcel said...

Yay! I love riding the city bus pud Bless! Since isa lang among sakyanan, sauna naga-bus lang ko paadto o pauli from school kung di mi dungan ni bana ug sked. The even nicer thing about it is, libre basta estudyante. You just have to show your university ID. Kung maglaag pud mi ni Triz, libre re pud using my ID and Triz dili pa required mag-pliti. Kaso sa daan pa namo to nga gipuy-an kay duol ra ang bus station. Karon kay diri sa among current, duol ra man japon pero tig-isa na ka oras ang paabot, dugay na kaayo, wa na mi katilaw ride ug bus diri. It was fun though and Triz enjoyed, it as well.

Re: map loyal man pud mi ni jon kung mag-byahe ug out of state. Among mapa naa ra sa sakyanan kay motan-aw man japon mi sa mapa even with the GPS. Among cellphone di man high tech so wala ra mi access sa GPS. Since we started using the GPS, we realized how convenient it is na, pero mao lagi, nothing beats having a map with us ra japon. :)

Late BPC hop sa ko diri kay daghan na ko utang. :)

My Picnic Basket said...

Sa abroad kay lahi2 ang transportation mas dali kay naa jud time table pero dko kasakay og bus kay ga suka jud ko og malipong, inig musakay gani ko way laing choice may nlng dghan tram diria ganahan kau ko hehe..

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