Friday, July 6, 2012

Rock/Wall Climbing

I thought our DD1 will chicken out on all the rides on post during the Family Fest on July 4th. There were lots of rides and fun games as well as live concert for all to enjoy. She was so eager to try all the rides. One thing that she was whining while we were having our snack of apple supreme funnel cake was to try rock/wall climbing. I told her we will just go to bounce houses and slide rather than try it. I thought she is not allowed.

Then hubby brought her in to try just so she will stop whining about it. She tried it although she did not really went up high but at least she had the taste of it. I know she was kind of hesitant when she was already put on the harness. She also did not wear the proper shoes for climbing so it made it more difficult for her to grasp. I guess it's an experience for her. She said she will try wall climbing again like this high when she's a little bigger.

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jheylo said...

oh that's nice.... rock/wall climbing must be fun.... well, she's tough and brave lil girl :D go DD's who won?

i'm enjoying it too.

thanks for joining 366 bpc...

Rcel said...

Wow!!! Gutsy kaayo ang Ate Shi! Belib kaayo ko! I am sure she had a blast with it! Maypa ang Shiloh Bless kay mo-sukol ug extreme sports. Ang Triz kay girly kaayo, pugsonon pa. LOL.

BPC hop!

emzkie said...

wow good job baby girl! dili diay ni mahadlok ning imong eldest mommy Bless ha. thats good na gusto nya i try. c jj pud ni try ani, na surprise gud ko kay scared of heights mana sya. pero naningkamot dyud sya ug maau na maka katkat, he is almost halfway already when he decided that he cant go on kay dili nya makab-ot ang rocks. gi kapoi na sya. hehehe.. its a good experience though. =)

from BPC 186

Pinx said...

awwww... at least she tried. what a brave little girl! late bpc hop here!

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