Monday, July 30, 2012

Watering the Grass

We are dealing with a not so hot temperature but enough for the plants to really dry up and starts to wither. This weekend we were trying to patch up some of the dead portion of the grass in our backyard. Actually since last week I have been watering the front yard and back yard almost everyday. The backyard have the portion where the grass really died. 

When I and our oldest daughter went to the princess tea party yesterday, hubby and our little girl was left at home. He decided to mow the yard and then went to Home Depot to buy top soil and Scotts turf builder eZseed. When we got home, I helped him dug the dead part out and replaced with new topsoil and applied the seeds. I hope it will grow soon and the grass will turn back to green instead of yellowish brown color. 

This morning after my morning walk with the girls, I decided to water again the front yard. I haven't watered it yesterday. Later this afternoon I will water the backyard again and start doing the flower bed that I have started this spring. My laziness got me and now it's just sitting at the back waiting to be tendered. Summer is very costly for our water bill, but we have to take care of the plants so it will bloom and prevent them from dying.

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Rovie Aguis said...

Plants and flowers can get to demanding especially during summer.

Thanks for the visit Mommy :)

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