Friday, July 27, 2012

We Need Another Play Center!

During summer last year we bought waterslide. The first one was My Sunshine Windmill Bowl Spray Play Center [in picture below] from Walmart. We used it during the 4th of July and some days when it was hot and the kids love to play at the backyard. After few times of using it, it won't inflate anymore. I think it was punctured when I was trying to move it around. We tried taping the hole, but it was useless. Hubby decided to throw it away.

Then when the temperature was really hot in mid summer, we bought another one and it's the My Sunshine Hippo and Coco Fun Play Center [in picture below] still from the same store. I told hubby to make sure we are not pushing it around to prevent from puncturing it too like the first one. When the temperature became colder, we kept it. My husband put it inside the cooler. This past spring, during our girls birthdays, we used the cooler. Hubby is the type of person that don't like messy surroundings, he decided to throw it away. According to him there's no place to put it. Since it was crumpled inside the cooler it appears unclean. I wasn't aware that he threw it until I asked him where he put the play center.

Now that summer is here and the girls love to play outside, we don't have play center or waterslide anymore. Hubby made a trip to Wally world the other day to check if they have similar available but to no avail. I wish he should have kept the second one so we will not buy anymore. But it's too late. I'll be forced to get one so our girls can at least enjoy our backyard before summer ends.

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Jheylo said...

aawwww that looks fun mami bless. that's exactly what my kids would want to have too, but unfortunately we don't have backyard to put it. kaya hanggang dream nlng sila usa until we have our own place :D

thanks for joining 366 BPC

Jessica Cassidy said...

that looks fun and great bonding with the girls Momi Bless :-) we really need something to cool off during the excruciating heat outside :-) Dropping by from BPC.

emzkie said...

these things dont last very long. i think they intend to do that so you will buy some more. katong crocodile pud namo after using one time.. na buslot lang ug iyaha.

hahayz.. kaya wala nalang mi nagpalit this year.

from BPC

Deli said...

That looks like great fun :) So your hubby doesn't like keeping so many things around. Hope you get that new play center soon :)

seny said...

agree with emzkie they really don't last long, we purchased one similar kind pag abot sa balay na buslot, so we decided to exchange it with a plastic kind..the kids looks having so much fun! thanks for stopping by!

Dhemz said...

how fun! the girls are enjoying it...that's one thing I love about summer...:) sexy jud sa mama...ehehhee!

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