Thursday, August 30, 2012

How I save for my children's future

As parents, we are concerned with our children's future. Financial preparedness is among the steps that we wanted them to be secured about. At this time of difficulty and economy, we need to make extra effort to diligently save for our kids' future. We teaches our kids to save. They have their piggy banks at home and educate them that loose coins should go in the piggy bank. Then when they have enough in their piggy banks it's time to teach them to put the money in the bank. This is important to be taught to kids at an early age so they will know that hard earned money need not to be spent easily. You have to save for the rainy days too.

I learned through reading different financial self-help books and listening to financial advices that one way of saving for our children's future is to get a cash isa or the cash individual savings account. This is a popular investment in UK compared to the regular savings account. Why? Because you don't pay income tax of the interest on cash isa or any increase in your investment. This means more money to save. This is the kind of savings that I like.

Another thing that I learned is that you can also check out credit unions to start saving for your kids, especially here in the US. Most credit unions have higher interest rates and best to also start saving your kids money. I would love to have that cash isa but I have to check out our bank if they have a similar program. How about you? How do you save for your children's future?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Picnic at Church After Service

It was all fun today at church. Last Sunday it was announced that this Sunday there will be a picnic and everyone was encouraged to just wear something comfortable for outside picnic. True enough, church-goers were wearing very relaxed clothing and even the choir members wore a shirt with a cross print. After the service everyone were told to stay for lunch and then there were fun games set up at the parking area at the back. There were bounce houses, face painting, balloon making, basketball hoops, and many other games that young ones as well as elders can enjoy. 

After we had our lunch, the girls were so excited to try the bounce house and most of all the face painting. DD1 had her face painted with hearts and a flower in her hand. DD2 had a flower and heart in her arms. They both have their puppy balloon in red and pink color. It was really fun at church. We didn't stay long though as I felt a little cold because I did not bring me a coat and it was a little windy. They do this every year and looking forward next year at summer time again.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who exactly would whey protein be suitable for?

Supplements containing whey protein, of the kind which are stocked by most of the major retail outlets specialising in health and fitness products – such as Holland & Barrett – are perfectly acceptable to be taken by virtually anyone. These supplements which sometimes take the form of a cereal bar, but most often a milkshake drink, work by boosting the protein levels in the body. Many people will not consider whey protein supplements to be essential to their health and wellbeing, because the majority of us get the amount of protein we need from foods such as eggs and fish that we consume as part of our diet. However there are some people for whom such supplements can prove to be particularly suitable. 

One of these groups is those who are trying to lose weight. The proteins contained in whey protein products can assist in weight loss regimens in a couple of ways. The first of these is by suppressing the appetite, thus ensuring that consuming a whey protein shake or bar will greatly reduce the desire to snack on less healthy alternatives. The other is by making the metabolism work harder to burn of the proteins – which require more calories to burn them off than carbohydrates or fats do. 

However the single group which has most often found whey protein products to be suitable for their needs is those engaged in athletics or body building. This is because the protein contained in them can assist the body in building muscle mass and body strength, by helping the growth of new muscle tissues during the repair period following the stretching and tearing of muscle tissue which occurs as a result of physical exertion. Thus it is best if whey protein can be consumed straight after such exercise, when the muscle tissue is still in the process of repairing itself, because this is when growth can occur most effectively. Whey protein products of the kind sold by outlets such as Holland & Barrett are a suitable way of accomplishing this.

Hanging Out at Our Porch

The other day when we can't find anything and it's time for the girls' snacks, I decided to let them hang out at the porch and have their sandwich in there. They love it and even called it picnic in our house. They said we can wait Daddy from his errands at the porch and invite him to join us too. This is one thing that I love in having our own place. We can do what we want may it be inside or outside our place. With apartment dwelling, especially if you don't have an outside living space you can't do such thing. Our front porch is not that big but sure would take enough the four of us. Since it's still summer and the weather is nice, we can do it more often. With fall and winter approaching eating or hanging outside the house will not be that welcoming anymore.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Supplemental Insurance

During the first few weeks of moving here in our house, my husband asked for a quote for additional life insurance for both of us that will include as benefit paying off the mortgage of our house in case something happen to any one of us. The process was long, and we went though the interview session with the agent that came to our house as well us the medical wherein a nurse came to our house also and do a little physical exam as well took urine samples from both me and hubby. The ending with all those was for us to wait until we can all paid off some of our bills so we can really apply for a maximum.

Because we don't have any pre-existing condition health-wise, we were told that we can get also a small insurance premium but with great benefits in their company. I told my husband if we can also check out a no exam term life insurance quotes online at equote next time before going to this type of hassle. If during the exam they find out you have illnesses or any condition, some insurance will decline coverage. If ever there is, I am pretty sure the premium will be too high. What we wanted is a supplement of our insurance right now and if we won't get it this time, we are still covered as we both have term life insurance coverage. Maybe when hubby is retired and find another job, we will make sure to get another insurance, just in case.


When I was able to have that opportunity to receive the Famous Footwear BOGO promotion, I did not hesitate to print the coupon and brought the family to the Famous Footwear store. Our little girl grabbed the twinkle toes shoes from Skechers as she really love it a lot. I bought her a twinkle toes winter boots before and she already outgrown it. Now, she said she like the shoes as one of her school shoes this coming school year. I still need to go back to that store one of these days to see more of their deals and not only for our girls but for me and hubby as well.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hawis Satchel Bag Giveaway

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Monday, August 6, 2012

How Scrap Platinum can be used to make Jewelry

By: Tamara  
When it comes to making jewelry, scrap platinum is one of the several precious metals that can be used for this highly technical task. Nowadays, platinum is being used for many purposes and this makes it one of the most readily available types of valuable scrap metal around. Items such as electronic components and engine parts for vehicles are among the common sources that contain this valuable metal. Therefore, knowing how to use scrap platinum to make jewelry is an important aspect that should be learnt as it has the potential to be a lucrative income generating venture. However, in order to use platinum to make jewelry the process of extracting it from some of the aforementioned sources is the first task that has to be accomplished. This is basically done with the use of chemicals such as aqua regia or sulfuric acid which dissolve out platinum from items that contain the precious metal. After extracting the metal, the process of smelting it is the next and most important step. Tools such as furnaces and crucibles are essential for this task and the main aim is to heat the metal and obtain its molten form without contamination. Once this is completed, the final step is to carve out a piece of platinum jewelry and this can be done by pouring the mold onto a piece of engraved metal so as to get the shape and design of jewelry that you desire. While this may sound easy, the entire process requires a lot of skill and so it is recommend that that you seek assistance from experienced smelters.

Trade In, Not!

I mentioned before that my 2001 Ford Focus [picture above] broke down around end of May few days after my birthday. Since husband went to a whole month of training out of state in June, he did not check on the car until he got back in July. Early last month he fix the car and changed some parts, but still there's white smoke coming out of the exhaust. When he checked it again, he has to replaced cylinder heads or pistons. This means he has to take out the whole engine to do it.

Because of the nature of damage, we decided to get another vehicle for me. Vehicle is a necessity here. Hubby needs his truck to go to work and I need a vehicle to do errands and bring the kids to their appointments and school as well. By 2nd week of July we went to the dealership and luckily found one that fits me. We got a 5-seater 2007 Kia Rondo. I haven't heard of a Rondo until I saw it on the website of the dealership that we went to. It's a mini-SUV. When I tried it, I thought it's perfect for me. I am very petite and I don't need a big vehicle to drive. The Rondo was on special price and the good thing was it only has 56,000 miles on it. It's red and in very good condition. The first owner really took care of it. The only thing we add on it before bringing it home was tinting the widows a little bit since it was too clear. I don't have a picture of it yet but will soon share one when I can. 

We asked the dealership how much they will take of our car to trade, and they priced very low as it has an engine problem. So we decided not to trade the car anymore and hubby will just fix it. Now we have three vehicles and we'll see of what we can do with it when it's all fixed and done.

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Hanging Flower Baskets

While I was walking around our community neighborhood I noticed most of the vacant lots were already filled with newly built houses and some are still on the process of building. It so amazing how they build all these houses so quick and then those that were newly finished already have owners moving in. Since this is a new community, I noticed also that homeowners are also working on beautifying their yards and more houses have hanging baskets flowers in their front porch. 

Our next door neighbor even have one hanging flower basket and the other neighbor have a planter on the ledge of their porch. I asked my husband if he can drill me a hanger for my flower basket because I planning of getting maybe three for our front porch and another three to hang on the post of our fence at the back. As I was planning this around spring time, our next door neighbor also did the same of what I planned. I guess we thought of the same thing to do while looking at our bare backyard. Hopefully this following days it will come true since hubby will be on leave for couple of weeks.We can do more house improvements and sprucing up.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Garage Sale

On Saturday one of our friend have a garage sale in their community. This is very typical here especially during summer. People are purging out excess stuff and better time to do it is summer. There are also lots of garage sale hunters here and as the saying goes other people's trash is another person's treasure. I love going to garage sale along with my friends here. It's fun and you can have great finds as well too.

I brought some of our baby stuff and toys that we don't use anymore to my friend's place to sell. I got there after lunch because I did some house chores first and had the kids ready too. It was not only a garage sale but also our friend's birthday. Some friends who have stuff to sell came too and we got a lot of fun. Some friends were dancing and some on the side doing manicure and pedicure. We pigged out Filipino foods and even though we did not sell a lot but it was a lot of fun. The garage sale resumed Sunday, and in fairness most of the stuff I brought in were sold. 

This coming weekend another friend's community will be doing a garage sale and on the 18th our community will be hosting a community garage sale as well. I am planning to participate and sell on that day. I have to sort out stuff that we don't need and those that will not be sold will be brought to Goodwill and send to my family.

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Back-to-Shool Shoe Shopping

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Planning a trip to shoe stores soon for our student. I know lots of stores now are having great promotions for back-to-school. This means also that department stores will be crowded to grab the different deals. Since our little lady will be in school everyday, I am looking at buying her shoes that are sturdy and can withstand the test of time. Aside from durability, of course it would be lovely if thes shoes are on sale. You would not want sales and discounts? So for those that are still looking for great deals on shoes, like me, Famous Footwear is one store to check out. They have a back-to-school promotion that started on August 2 and ends on August 18 where you can use this BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon and get those shoes that you're eying for your kids.


Famous Footweear is one of the shoe stores that I like going to. Aside from having variety of styles and branded footwears at a reasonable price, their stores are clean and airy to shop around. You can find what you are looking for easily, and they also have nice associates to help you with. One thing that I like in shopping is to get what we need with no hassle. For more savings also while shopping at this store, you can join their Rewards Program. You can get benefits like earning 1 point on every $1 you spend online or in-store; accummulation of points to earn certificates of up to $100 a year; getting a discount offer just for signing up; and other special inside discounts and perk as a preffered customer.

As I have said, this Rewards Program is free, no cost whatsoever. I joined Rewards programs of stores that I love going to for shopping and if you love shopping for branded footwear at a fraction of the cost from boutiques, Famous Footwear is the place to go. Don't forget to print out the coupon to redeem in-store. Make sure you don't forget to join their free rewards program as well to enjoy additional 5% off on top of the 15% off and BOGO promotion. More savings is more fun in shopping!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

My Butterfly Eyewear

I asked our DD1 to take a picture of me and hubby while we were watching the air show on post last month. I forgot that I set it on macro since I was trying to take pictures of the Thunderbirds that were currently doing stunts on midair. When I looked at the picture, I only saw my face in it. My hair disheveled because it was super hot and a little windy. But oh well, I guess I can use it to model the Firmoo sunglasses that I got for free :-)

My little girl call this the butterfly sunglasses because of it's shape. I like it's style and it's color. It fits well and no pushing for me when I look down because it sits perfectly on the bridge of my nose. One thing that I wish for it though is that it is more tinted. I got lots of compliment from my friends when I wore it. I am so proud to say that I got it for free from Firmoo.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

House Design

I love looking at pictures and even shows that features beautiful houses especially those that are really done by professional builders and designed by architects. Even when we are driving around, we can't stop admiring the beauty of houses that has unique architecture and design. If I have lots of money and will have a privilege of having our house built and designed from scratch, I will really look for great architects that will design the house of my dreams. 

Some shows in HGTV really showcased houses from very common to super beautiful. I was checking online for great architectural design houses and seen the works of Boca Raton Architects. Their works are really excellent and love the details of their designs. I saw some Spanish colonial designs as well as traditional but with modern touch in their lists of projects. I am no expert in architecture but I can see beauty when I see one. 

I have in my mind ideas of my dream home. I know that great architects can make your ideas reality once you consult with them. Maybe in the future, when I become very rich, I will surely ask the services of very good architects to make my idea of our dream come alive through their drawing.

Fun at the Park

After watching the live show of Sesame Street yesterday I and my friend brought the kids to the water park on post. It was really warm day even at past 4 in the afternoon. We did not clothes bring extra clothes for them except for Heaven. I bring extra clothes for her in the car just in case. We just let them play in the park beside the water park. I noticed that the prime color of the park fixture is blue and green. It so masculine looking :-) This is located inside a military base. Maybe this coming days when the weather permits, we will bring the kids back there and enjoy the water park too.

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