Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fun at the Park

After watching the live show of Sesame Street yesterday I and my friend brought the kids to the water park on post. It was really warm day even at past 4 in the afternoon. We did not clothes bring extra clothes for them except for Heaven. I bring extra clothes for her in the car just in case. We just let them play in the park beside the water park. I noticed that the prime color of the park fixture is blue and green. It so masculine looking :-) This is located inside a military base. Maybe this coming days when the weather permits, we will bring the kids back there and enjoy the water park too.

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jheylo said...

btaw no ang color sa playground kay dili pang unisex. hehehehehe. but it's looks neat and tidy. wlay balas which is good. wlay mga balas mo sulud sa shoes sa imong girls mami bless. nice diay na diha kay naa poy water park.

thanks for joining 366 BPC

Jheylo said...

they're having fun indeed :)

leader gyud si dd2 hehehhehe

visiting back from BPC

Pinx said...

how i wish our parks and plazas here have like that pud... aw, naa sa tagbilaran, donated by the association of boholanos in america and canada... pero didto ra pud... intawn, modayo pa mi para lang makaduwa og plastic na mga slides just like those in your parks.. hehehe... late bpc hop

Jessica Cassidy said...

yay! the fun continues for the girls Momi Bless :-) kids love to explore park and happy that you let them enjoy :-) Returning late from BPC.

Dhemz said...

hehhee...masculine looking jud ang term...dire mami sa amo community park kay green tanan ang color...dapat unta rainbow!

nice inyo park...very neat!

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