Monday, August 6, 2012

Hanging Flower Baskets

While I was walking around our community neighborhood I noticed most of the vacant lots were already filled with newly built houses and some are still on the process of building. It so amazing how they build all these houses so quick and then those that were newly finished already have owners moving in. Since this is a new community, I noticed also that homeowners are also working on beautifying their yards and more houses have hanging baskets flowers in their front porch. 

Our next door neighbor even have one hanging flower basket and the other neighbor have a planter on the ledge of their porch. I asked my husband if he can drill me a hanger for my flower basket because I planning of getting maybe three for our front porch and another three to hang on the post of our fence at the back. As I was planning this around spring time, our next door neighbor also did the same of what I planned. I guess we thought of the same thing to do while looking at our bare backyard. Hopefully this following days it will come true since hubby will be on leave for couple of weeks.We can do more house improvements and sprucing up.

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