Wednesday, August 1, 2012

House Design

I love looking at pictures and even shows that features beautiful houses especially those that are really done by professional builders and designed by architects. Even when we are driving around, we can't stop admiring the beauty of houses that has unique architecture and design. If I have lots of money and will have a privilege of having our house built and designed from scratch, I will really look for great architects that will design the house of my dreams. 

Some shows in HGTV really showcased houses from very common to super beautiful. I was checking online for great architectural design houses and seen the works of Boca Raton Architects. Their works are really excellent and love the details of their designs. I saw some Spanish colonial designs as well as traditional but with modern touch in their lists of projects. I am no expert in architecture but I can see beauty when I see one. 

I have in my mind ideas of my dream home. I know that great architects can make your ideas reality once you consult with them. Maybe in the future, when I become very rich, I will surely ask the services of very good architects to make my idea of our dream come alive through their drawing.

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