Friday, August 3, 2012

My Butterfly Eyewear

I asked our DD1 to take a picture of me and hubby while we were watching the air show on post last month. I forgot that I set it on macro since I was trying to take pictures of the Thunderbirds that were currently doing stunts on midair. When I looked at the picture, I only saw my face in it. My hair disheveled because it was super hot and a little windy. But oh well, I guess I can use it to model the Firmoo sunglasses that I got for free :-)

My little girl call this the butterfly sunglasses because of it's shape. I like it's style and it's color. It fits well and no pushing for me when I look down because it sits perfectly on the bridge of my nose. One thing that I wish for it though is that it is more tinted. I got lots of compliment from my friends when I wore it. I am so proud to say that I got it for free from Firmoo.

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Carmel Cole said...

we have the same Firmoo shades mommy :) pretty you. my #215 BPC at:

Lulu said...

thank you for joining. I too have the same firmoo sunglasses.

emzkie said...

this firmoo glasses fits really well on our cute little noses which really surprised me. usually man gud mahulog sa akoa. hehehe.. nice capture from your daughter mommy Bless. maau man diay mu kodak, center pa dyud. =)

from BPC 215

Pinx said...

i love my Firmoo too!!! murag i have like this too.. hehehe... late bpc visit here..

Jessica Cassidy said...

I do not have that kind Momi Bless but looks perfect on you :-) Returning late from BPC :-(

genny said...

nice shot! and nice sunglasses. i got the same kind but my sister took it...late visit from BPC...:-)

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