Sunday, August 19, 2012


When I was able to have that opportunity to receive the Famous Footwear BOGO promotion, I did not hesitate to print the coupon and brought the family to the Famous Footwear store. Our little girl grabbed the twinkle toes shoes from Skechers as she really love it a lot. I bought her a twinkle toes winter boots before and she already outgrown it. Now, she said she like the shoes as one of her school shoes this coming school year. I still need to go back to that store one of these days to see more of their deals and not only for our girls but for me and hubby as well.

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Pinx said...

you are truly blessed... have fun shopping for shoes! kami sad, we need new ones for our move! 231 BPC visit here.

Jessica Cassidy said...

awww! kacute sa imo shoe shopper partner Momi Bless :-) worth jud kaau ila coupon :-) fave pud ni K and sketchers shoes...mahal pero worth baya pud labi nia coupons :-) Returning from BPC :-)

jheylo said...

were you able to pick a shoe little girl? :D make sure you pick the cutest ok hehehhe

visiting back from BPC

emzkie said...

they really have some pretty nice shoes. i like the designs of the sketchers for girls, theres one that i really want, i wish they make the same the sign for adults as well. but i still have my running shoes, if i buy another one, hubby might thought im crazy. hehehe 2 is too much for him =)

from BPC 231

Mrs.D said...

ayay! shopping galore...daughter has been asking me about the twinkle shoes....ignore nalang nako kay way budget ang inahan...ehhehehe!

late bpc hop mami!

Carmel Cole said...

nice idea and way of shopping mommy bless. shop first at stores to get more awesome deals and you can always come back to internet stores anytime too. visiting from #231 blog photo challenge:

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