Sunday, August 19, 2012

Supplemental Insurance

During the first few weeks of moving here in our house, my husband asked for a quote for additional life insurance for both of us that will include as benefit paying off the mortgage of our house in case something happen to any one of us. The process was long, and we went though the interview session with the agent that came to our house as well us the medical wherein a nurse came to our house also and do a little physical exam as well took urine samples from both me and hubby. The ending with all those was for us to wait until we can all paid off some of our bills so we can really apply for a maximum.

Because we don't have any pre-existing condition health-wise, we were told that we can get also a small insurance premium but with great benefits in their company. I told my husband if we can also check out a no exam term life insurance quotes online at equote next time before going to this type of hassle. If during the exam they find out you have illnesses or any condition, some insurance will decline coverage. If ever there is, I am pretty sure the premium will be too high. What we wanted is a supplement of our insurance right now and if we won't get it this time, we are still covered as we both have term life insurance coverage. Maybe when hubby is retired and find another job, we will make sure to get another insurance, just in case.

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