Saturday, September 29, 2012

Under the Weather

It started last week when our little girl have sniffles and then develop into coughing and fever. Good thing though it was not worst as I was able to give her children's Tylenol. Then on Wednesday after my workout I took a warm shower. My body then starts to ache and my throat was harsh. I took pain reliever and somehow I thought I will be okay. I still did my workout the next day, but on Friday I got so sick and it's like my chest was pushed hard to my back. My friend told me to just rest and skip the workout. Still I did the hip hop abs at night. 

I guess the bug won't go away until everybody is feeling it. Now our DD1 complained of sore throat and a little headache. I gave her medicine and cooked soup. Good thing she is eating good and it helps her not to get more sick. She has a little fever but I hope it will not become worst. It's okay if I get sick as I can handle it. But with kids, it is just so pitiful looking at them not feeling good. I always get worried when they are sick. As long as they will eat good even though they are a little bit under the weather, then I am good.

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